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Refill kits will save you time and money by purchasing larger amounts of product at substantial discounts.

Save on container costs! These foundations refills are 6 teaspoons packed in a 2"x3" ziplock bag! Perfect for refilling mineral makeup containers - will refill a 20-gram container 3 times, and a 30-gram container almost twice!!

Have sensitive skin?
Inner Beauty Minerals is pleased to provide plenty of Bismuth-free options to help if you have experienced difficulty in the past with mineral makeups.

Inner Beauty Minerals - Refills
Fair Foundation
(For Porcelain to Light Skin with Neutral Undertones)
Fairly Light Foundation
(For Porcelain to Light Skin with Yellow Undertones)
Light Foundation
(For Light to Medium Skin with Yellow Undertones)
Medium Foundation
(For Medium Skin with Pink Undertones)
Medium Beige Foundation
(For Medium Skin with Pink or Yellow Undertones)
Medium Tan Foundation
(For Medium Golden Skin with Golden Undertones)
Tan Foundation
(For Deep Golden Skin with Neutral Undertones)
Warm Tan Foundation
(For Honey Amber Skin with Neutral Undertones)
Finishing Veil Refill
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